Not all Logbook Loan Companies are created Equal

During the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people facing financial difficulty. Regrettably, there has also been a growth in the number of small, opportunist and often unethical Logbook and Payday Loan companies. Such companies may offer a quick loan often using extortionate interest rates, high fees and unscrupulous tactics for dealing with late repayments.

Car Cash Point the UK’s No 1 Logbook Loan Specialist says NO to this kind of business practice and believes reputation and fairness is crucial in providing a loan to meet our customer’s needs.

Emma Devan recently obtained a loan from Car Cash Point and has provided a detailed positive review of her experience:-

“I wanted to give this reference as I feel as a company that I have let down, you have still supported me through this difficult time. Reference is below.

I would definitely recommend Car Cash Point for a Log book loan. A lot of loan companies have a bad reputation; however this company are definitely the one to go for. Not only are they quick in sending the money but they also give a personal touch which not many Loan companies give.

I was in a financial crisis and needed money fast so I called Car Cash Point to take out a Log Book loan against my vehicle. I called on the Friday and received the money within 24 hours they were very helpful with my needs. If I had any problems I knew that if I kept in contact with them they would help. Unfortunately I fell behind with my payments and was worried and after looking up help guidelines on the internet I panicked even more as each link I looked at said that they would just take my vehicle. I got to the point where I was too scared to call Car Cash point on the worry that’s what they would say to me. Car Cash Point called me and surprised me. They were really helpful; they talked me through the situation and offered a repayment plan to suit my needs. I felt like I was finally getting somewhere but unfortunately again I fell behind and as you can imagine this time I really started to worry that I’d let them down. I was thinking how they could trust me but again they were great and let me set up another payment plan.

Car Cash Point then received a call saying that I was trying to sell my vehicle and felt I had breached my contract. I had a bailiff turn up and repossess the vehicle. I got in contact with Car Cash Point straight away and that’s when they informed me a garage had been in contact with them and felt they had to protect their contract and the vehicle. I completely understand why they did what they did and really expected them to be not helpful at all again. This was not the case and they were FANTASTIC. They could see the position I was in and how I would keep falling behind they gave me the option to repay the outstanding arrears and I could have my vehicle back but I could see that I was going to be in this position again in the next couple of months.

We discussed options and they informed me that my best option would to be to sell the car. When they said this to me I still panicked as I thought I would still owe them money for interest as I had not repaid the full amount that I had borrowed. This was not the case at all, they informed me they would sell the vehicle and take what is owed and I walk away with the short fall. Honestly this company was great they put in the hard work of finding me the best deal possible for my vehicle and for me with no extra charge. They kept in contact with me daily to update me on what was happening; they did not pressure me at all to make a decision on what price to take, they left the decision for how much I wanted to sell the vehicle for in my hands. They really put their heart and soul into helping me and making sure me and my family walked away with something that was right for us. I still had personal possessions in the vehicle which they made sure I could get back and was always there when I called.

I really can’t thank this company enough for their support through this. Any situation where you owe money is stressful enough but when you have the contact and support from the company you owe money to, it takes so much pressure off.

I would say that not all Log book loan companies are like this. I’ve read some horrible stories on the Internet about other lenders, but this company is nothing like that. They really are there to help not just financially but personally too. They want what’s best for you. Knowing that they were not pressuring me really helped and knowing that every call I made or they made was about me and how I was going to come out of this and how I felt not about them getting their money back.

It was even better when it came to me making my decision. They were really supportive and made sure I received the funds that same day and they even gave me advice on how to get another vehicle.

This company really did want the best for me and my family not for them. I can’t THANK this company enough especially Paul Hilburn for all their hard work, dedication and support through this difficult time.

If you are thinking of getting a log book loan then definitely use this company. They will help you no matter what your situation and will always give that personal touch and go the extra effort and put in the hard work to relieve the extra pressure from you. They will always try to make your life easy by helping you.

I would definitely rate this company a 10/10 on all levels. Never have I dealt with people who care, understand and just want the best for you.

have helped me anything else you need just let me know”