Switch & Save

Switch your logbook loan to Logbook Loans NI and save 10%

If you have an existing Logbook Loan with another Northern Ireland Logbook Lender, switch to Logbook Loans NI and we guarantee to lower your repayments by 10%.

Call 02895 434 1410 and speak to our ‘Switch and Save’ expert and Logbook Loans NI will take care of the switch for you.

In addition, by switching to Logbook Loans NI you will now enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Exclusive – ‘Pay As You Go’ Interest & No Early Redemption Penalties
  • Exclusive – Overpay your loan without penalty & Pay Less Interest
  • Exclusive – Choice of weekly or monthly payments to suit you

How can I switch to Logbook Loans NI?

To switch to Logbook Loans NI, call 02895 434141 and one of our sales team will assist with the process.

Your loan transfer will be moved to Logbook Loans NI within 24 hours of your loan paperwork being signed and receipt of a valid redemption figure from your current lender.