What our competitors don’t tell you

Don’t be fooled by our competitors low and deceptive “APR’s”, hidden fees and the obscene charges they pass to their customers

Before you make a decision about which Logbook Loan Lender to use, please take a few minutes to review the tables below which highlight the unfair and unjustifiable charges imposed by other Logbook Loan Lenders.

There are currently a number of companies advertising supposedly low APR’s, which often bear no reality to the overall cost of the loan. These companies will often seduce potential customers with the promise of a lower APR, only to then impose a constant stream of unjustifiable fees and charges to your account throughout the life of the loan.

Remember: These charges will often cost you more than the repayments themselves.

Car Cash Point is a fair, transparent and ethical Logbook Loan company that puts you directly in control.

Cost incurred by customers as a result of late
or missed payments:

Car Cash Point Varooma
Per Late Payment £6 £15.00
Per Letter/ Email Nil £15.00
Per Phone Call Nil £5.00
Per Text Nil £1.50
Per Home Visit Nil £0.00
Per Dishonoured payment £10 £0.00
Interest Charged on
Overdue sums
Nil Yes
Locating New Address Nil £100

Cost incurred by customers for making payment:-

Car Cash Point Varooma
Per Debit Card
Payment Charge
£0.45 0%

It’s not what you pay today, but what you will pay back in total that you should consider when selecting your Logbook Loan Provider.
All information contained on this page valid as of October 2014.