Brits Increasingly Pessimistic About Inflation

Brits Increasingly Pessimistic About Inflation, Survey Shows Britons are becoming increasingly pessimistic about inflation, with expectations reaching their highest level since 2011. The survey, conducted by YouGov in October, shows that Britons’ inflation expectations have risen to 3.2% for next year, pointing to an understandable pessimism in a time of rising energy expenses and house prices. To compare, inflation expectations in the September survey were for 2.5%. Inflation expectations for the next five to ten years was also pessimistic, with the majority of those polled saying they expected 3.9%, another increase from average expectations of 3.3% in September.

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5 Easy Tips To Save Money

Living debt-free might put a strain on your everyday life, but there are many little things you could do to keep your monthly bill manageable. Here are five of them:

Make shopping lists and stick to them. Shops are full of tempting items, so it’s reasonable to go in with a clear idea of exactly what you need and resist the urge to make an impulsive buy. You’d be surprised how much you can save this way.

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Chancellor Promises Fuel Duty Freeze

In a surprise announcement at the Conservative party conference, chancellor George Osborne said that the government will freeze the duty on fuel until May 2015. He hopes that this will help the hundreds of thousands of struggling households finding it increasingly hard to cope with rising prices. Earlier this year, the RAC Foundation reported that there are 800,000 households that spend as much as 25% of their income on maintaining a car.

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Adjust Your Priorities To Avoid Debt

Staying debt-free may call for a slight adjustment of priorities and a bit of an attitude change.

For example, shopping for the latest fashions in clothes might not be the most reasonable approach in a financially tight situation; are there really so many people who would pay attention to whether your outfit is from this or last year’s summer collection? Shopping out of season and looking for bargains is a good way to stay debt-free at no real cost.

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Inflation And Austerity Measures Hit Poorer Britons Hardest

Government austerity measures and inflation are pressing down hard on the living standards of poorer people in the UK, a survey by the Child Poverty Action Group has shown.

The stagnation in wages and the cuts in benefit increases have saddled low-income Britons with additional expenses, such as council tax. The increase in government benefits has been limited to no more than 1% per year, and in real terms actually dropped in 2012, for the first time since the 1930’s, according to the report. Coupled with the rising prices of fundamentals such as food, utilities and public transport rates, the fight with deficit is squeezing the lower-income portion of the population disproportionately, especially in view of raising a child.

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