Car Cash Point Business Loans from £500 to £50,000!

A Car Cash Point Business Loan is an ideal loan solution for a small to medium business to get an immediate ‘no personal guarantee’ business loan from £500 up to £50,000.

Car Cash Point is able to progress a loan application through to full payment within 4 hours – anywhere within England and Wales!

Each loan is secured on the business proprietor personal vehicle allowing them to release the cash from their car by using it as collateral, whilst still retaining the use of the vehicle.

The basic requirements are the car must be under 10 years old, free of finance and have a trade value of more than £1,500.

The maximum loan is up to 60% of the trade value of the car and is repayable from 78 weeks [18 months] to a maximum of 156 weeks [36 months]. However, we only require the customer to hold the loan for a minimum of 12 weeks after which they can redeem the loan at any time within the term period, providing a simple overdraft facility or a short term loan solution that can used as and when required to support the business.

All loans are charged at a transparent flat monthly rate of interest as opposed to a variable risk linked interest rate model charged by other business lenders.

What’s more Car Cash Point Business Loans guarantees to offer speed, control and flexibly to manage their loan to suit the business requirements… let me explain why

Penalty Free Early Redemption – Guaranteed!

  • Car Cash Point provides a transparent 100% penalty free early redemption – our customers only pay for the time they borrow the money!

Weekly interest

  • Car Cash Point charges its interest on a weekly basis, however it allows the customer the flexibility to choose to pay the loan weekly, four weekly or monthly.

Unlimited Overpayments allowed

  • Car Cash Point allows it customers the ability to make unlimited additional overpayments after 12 weeks to pay off the loan quicker. Car Cash Point will deduct all overpayments from the original amount you borrowed and the new interest and capital payments will be re-calculated over the remaining term.

A transparent, honest and fair loan

  • Car Cash Point believe that every customer must receive a transparent, honest and fair transaction; this is why we publish our rates clearly on the front page of our web site and provide clear, simple to understand loan documentation that is 100% compliant with the Consumer Credit Act.

Apply now and get the cash for your business today.

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